New Custom Made Mascot Costumes

Many of our clients have asked to see some of our newer custom-made characters. If there is a specific kind of character that you would like to see, just give us a call. We'll be glad to share pictures, assist with the design of your character, and be straightforward about mascot costs and expectations. Mascot prices can vary considerably, but our overall costs are lower than many companies, giving our clients great value without compromise.

custom dog mascot costume custom cowboy character  

This is a clients's photo of a custom puppy that was created quickly and efficiently this summer. He was constructed with a special see-through nose for better visibility. We enjoy creating all kinds of characters, from "human" characters to cute animal mascots.

Every once in a while, when you work in Texas, you get to make a big custom cowboy mascot. This fellow stepped out into the noonday sun for a quick picture just a few years ago. The project included custom chaps, a custom belt buckle, and a faux jean front to avoid unnecessary layers below the chaps.

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