Mascot Costume Construction

Heads/ forms We make extensive use of a combination of patterned polyester and plastic foams and vacuum-formed plastic to shape the heads and key costume parts.

Materials Polyester and acrylic furs and fleece are most often used to cover the surface. The material cost of the costume is significant, but the greatest variable in the production is in the number of hours required to complete different designs. The value is determined through understanding the client's needs, and developing and executing a plan that meets those needs efficiently. We will be happy to discuss the merits of various material choices and make informed recommendations.

Process This photograph below left shows how flat pieces of foam are cut before being glued together to form a puzzle-like three dimensional shape. Vacuum-formed pieces such as this lion mascot face are created by heating flat sheets of plastic and then pulling them into a mold or over a sculpted form. We will provide digital pictures of various stages of completion for clients upon request. Whether you want to be involved in the process, or just leave it to the experts because you have other things to do, we serve according to your needs.

To "Fursuit" builders and other "do-it-yourselfers": Here's a note that Mark gave to a hobbyist a few years ago. If you use or republish the information, please consider including a link to our site. Good luck on your project.

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