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EGO-R(TM)  mascot for Innermatrix Fitness(TM)
EGO-R (TM)  design Innermatrix Fitness(TM)
Client's original artwork Revised design proportions


The EGO-RTM Mascot Costume for Innermatrix Fitness was challenging for several reasons. Although we had a few more days than we did for a few other custom monster costumes, there were several important considerations. This client had great artwork, but if we simply scaled the design up to human size, he would have been almost five feet wide and five feet deep. Again, to make the costume as small as possible, we used a "drop down" head/ body, and arm extensions. The actor can see through a small screen just above the character's prominent eyebrow. To make the supporting the costume more feasible, we reduced the depth of the design. We minimized the perceived height wherever possible. For example, EGO-R's 14 inch mock sandals have hollow soles, so that the actor stands on a sole a few inches lower than the apparent surface of the sandal. As a result, the character is only a few inches taller than the actor inside.